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It is pleasure for us to introduce you TIGI Boutique!

It is not just a hairdresser salon, but a place where you can receive professional advice for the maintenance of your hair and relax while our hairdressers take care of you.

Here you can also buy products of the American brand TIGI (distributed only in salons). We offer full range of Bed Head, Cat Walk, Body, B for Men, Hardcore and work with TIGI colour. TIGI products are designed for different way of living. No matter whether you are a rockstar, a charming queen, neglige or sofisticated, you will find the best products for you.

TIGI are not just products, it is a way of life!
Change your idea of hairdresser salon!


Client`s opinion:

„If your want to look perfect and to be aware of the latest fashion trends TIGI is your choice.
If you haven’t used TIGI, it’s high time you start. They are unique!!!”


 „Nice atmosphere, great attitude, great professionals! Is there something more important?!
Thank you all for the great attitude!”


„Thank to you all who work in the salon, for taking not just as a client, but also as a friend!! Remain so spirited and the best ever!”

* All citation are taken from the "TIGI`s Book of Opinions"



Уникалнара колекция на TIGI Rockaholic съвсем скоро ще бъде в България. Можете да разгледате продуктите в нашия on-line магазин на www.

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